I have played percussion for over 20 years but the TABLA won my heart in 1995. I started studying in UK and India with some incredible teachers. I have been feeling feeling blessed to learn and perform such an fascinating percussion instrument.

I was blown away on meeting my Bansuri (Flute) Guru-the great Ashok Kumar Metha in Varanasi in 2003. I then realized I had to add the Bansuri and the beautiful art of Raaga to my already full practice schedule !

The sacred city of Varanasi in North India is the oldest continually inhabited city on earth and a center for scholarly learning like Sanskrit and Classical music. Its highly devotional atmosphere and focused energy towards learning has enticed me back year after year for study with my dear Guru of Bansuri.

Working my sounds into many genre I love to play Indian Raaga music but also feel at home in fusion, electronica, dance and some Jazz forms. I have been blessed to perform with some amazing musicians including Ashok Kumar metha, Ustad Mohammad Sayeed Khan, Rollin Rachele, Craig pruess, Baluji shrivastav, Haymanot Tesfa, fantuzzi and many more. I also tour with some of the worlds top Kirtan-Chant artists including Bhagavan Das, Arjun Baba and Dave Stringer.

I compose and performing music for Contemporary dance for company’s like Decalage for example- one of the U.Ks top dance companies.

See one of our shows at Sadler’s wells -londons premier dance venue- below.

I am keenly into harmonics, overtones and drones of many kinds I often play Jews harps, and perform overtone singing also.I really owe the blessing of music to my SatGuru and eternal guide AMMA (Amritanandamayi Ma) to Ashok Kumar (Bansuri Guru) and my other great music teachers.
“Jason is a joy to play with: very fluid and harmonious on Bansuri, and tight and funky on Tablas! I was impressed….” CRAIG PRUESS

“Kalidas plays from the heart drum pulse of pure devotion” ” -BHAGAVAN DAS

“Jason Kalidas is one of my favorite musicians to play and collaborate with. He eminates the spirit of devotion, and creates inspired musical fusions and productions”- ARJUN BABA

“Jason Kalidas Is a rock star tabla player who lifts the audience and matches the high energy vibe tastefully and further contributes with his flute” FANTUZZI

“J’s playing is simultaneously fluid and fiery, earthly and ethereal” -DAVE STRINGER

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